Workshop Review: Portraiture with Taya Shania

Last Friday, Connection Arts Space kicked off our 6-week Crafternoon Workshops series with Taya Shania’s portraiture session. 

The session looked at the way Taya uses the Loomis technique to create the structure for heads and how to use this structure to then design a face from a reference photograph. 

In just an hour and a half, as Taya and the group talked, they worked on creating their own version of the same reference photo, resulting in these final artworks:

Artist – Taya Shania
Facebook Taya Shania Art

Artist – Richard McMahon
Email –

Artist – Ciara Lynch
Instagram – @ciaralynch
Email –

We thank all those who attended, and we look forward to seeing you again this Friday with Natalie Artis, where she shows us how to make a zine! Be sure you don’t miss out and register using the button below:

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