At-Home Artistic Activities

During these unprecedented times, it is important that we, as a community, continue to create. The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly affected the Australian arts sector; galleries are closed, events are cancelled, and jobs have been lost. It is important that we acknowledge the impact that coronavirus has had, and continues to have, on our artistic and cultural communities.

At this point, we’re all going stir-crazy, or at least, feeling bored. While you’re home, you don’t have to be productive or write a new novel, but you can still be creative from the confines of your home. We have come together to create a list of fun and relaxing creative activities that you can do from home.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash


  • Use your recycling to create sculptures.
  • Create a zine.
  • Have an old pair of shoes? Use paint or markers to spruce them up!
  • Declutter your wardrobe, and use your old clothes to create a blanket – great idea as winter is coming quickly to Melbourne. 
  • Design a board game to play with your family or roommates.
  • If you have string or yarn lying around, design bracelets.
  • Design and write postcards to loved ones you cannot visit.
  • Write letters to loved ones.
  • Make a collage out of old magazines 
  • Make a jigsaw puzzle by cutting up a painting or drawing 


  • You’re allowed one walk a day at the moment. If you do so, pick up materials while you’re out and about (be sure to clean them and your hands when you get home), and when you are home, draw or paint your collections. 


  • Photograph shadows around your home to create artistic images.
  • Have a photoshoot with your family or roommates. 
  • Use your phone and self-timer to take self-portraits – experiment with lighting, clothing, facial expressions, and backgrounds.

Dance/Music or Performance

  • Stage a play for your family or roommates by recreating scenes from your favourite movies.
  • Learn to dance with online tutorials.
  • Choreograph your own dance.
  • Use objects around your house to create instruments. 


  • Put on an at-home exhibition of your, or your family member/roommates artworks and host an event for yourselves.
  • Make an at-home mini-golf course out of things around the home – towels as ‘grass’, books, shoes, benches, etc. Use hats of mugs as holes. 
  • Learn a new skill – calligraphy, oil painting, etc.
  • Redecorate your home
  • Join an online arts community. For example, the Instagram page Line (

Tag us on Instagram if you do any of these activities @conncectionartsspace!

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