WORKSHOP REVIEW: Flora Crowns with Belle Formica

Last Saturday, Connection Arts Space hosted a workshop with multidisciplinary artist Belle Formica as part of our Flora exhibition. Belle taught us how to make flora/flower crowns. If you missed the workshop, you can still make a flora crown by following the instructions here

Making a flora crown is a beautiful way to connect with Mother Nature—a vibrant, resilient, ever-changing force that you are a part of. 

Belle carefully guided participants through the process of making a flora crown. Here are the results!

Artist: Jessica Tanto



This flora crown workshop not only provided me with new skills but also prompted some deep self reflection. Belle has guided us really nicely, making sure we understood how to make the flower crown while appreciating nature at the same time. Would definitely come again if there was another workshop like this!

Artist: Emilie Wilkie Jeffreys 

Instagram: @bric_a.brac and @emiliejeffreys 

Participating in Belle’s flora crown making workshop was so delightful! It was a process of beginning, middle and ending. Collecting the flora and flowers was the first step which provided a walk of reflection and clarity around my neighbourhood, appreciating the blossoming beauty of spring. Belle’s instruction guided us all through the delicate entwining and construction of the crown. Sharing how we all collected our natural materials was my favourite part. My initial hesitance was shattered by the ease of the material. My crown ended up quite full and busy, so fun to wear for the rest of the afternoon! 

Artist – Ikumi Cooray


Making a flora crown was so much fun! And a really nice way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Picking flowers off the street and getting creative with them was a very new and unusual experience for me, but one that I enjoyed very much. I would recommend making a flora crown with a friend so you can problem solve and share the experience together.

Artist – Belle Formica


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to teach some lovely people how to make flora crowns last Saturday! Each crown was a reflection of the land we live on, with flora foraged from our homes, gardens and local areas. Everyone did an amazing job creating something truly unique and beautiful—such a gorgeous celebration of nature! Thank you to everyone at Connection Arts Space who helped make this workshop possible.

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Header photo by monicore from Pexels

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