‘Riding the Cotton Unicorn’: Group Exhibition

‘Riding the Cotton Unicorn’ aims to challenge society’s patriarchal period stigma by sharing the honest menstrual experiences of the artists. By opening up honest conversations about such intimate topics, the patricarchal-born fear, ignorance and disgust, as well as the induced self-shame is challenged. Participating artists were invited to explore their own personal, emotional, visceral, physical and political experiences of their own menstrual cycles in the creation of their work. The menstrual cycle, though inflicting many diverse experiences of frustration, physical pain and emotional intensity, can still be acknowledged as a truly sacred process.

Exhibiting Artists: Charlotte Leigh, Ciara Lynch, Edith Gilfedder, Emelie Jerffreys, Gen Townsend, Ikumi Cooray, Jan Heenan, LC, Natalie Artis, Polly Hollyoak, Rafah, Sarah Riccardi, TagaBarrio, Tamara Garman, Tash Brennfleck, Terissa Fidock, Vicki Jacgung.

Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity is a charity that distributes sanitary items to those in need and works to end poverty in Australia. The charity strives to make a tangible, on the ground difference to women and girls experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence or are otherwise disadvantaged. While Riding the Cotton Unicorn was exhibiting, Connection Arts Space was collecting donations of sanitary items on behalf of Share the Dignity. If you have the means to donate, you can do so via the Share the Dignity website.

Exhibition Photos