Design by Martha Ackroyd Curtis

Encourages artists to showcase their perspectives regarding issues/subjects of their choice, sharing their political, social, philosophical or other ideas.


RIOT! is a group exhibition that seeks to gather and showcase opinions from all walks of life and the different facets of living. Revolving around philosophy, social issues, political views, spirituality or religious beliefs, and more, this exhibition seeks to give a platform to individuals and voices not ordinarily heard, to express their viewpoints and tell their stories using a range of different mediums with the intention of creating a dialogue amongst viewers.

Showcasing the work of 19 different artists, this virtual exhibition was be delivered via Instagram (September 25th – October 16th 2020).

This is a meeting ground where different worldviews can collide in an arena to negotiate new forms of co-existing. At a time where our digital spaces have become overwhelmingly occupied, the personal has become unavoidably political. Virtual migration and the consequent divide that has revealed itself brings forward an opportunity to start a riot when the world finally seems ready to listen and to ask ourselves what it means to live together, in a time when we are all so far apart.

The exhibition carves out a space for our artists and the audience to explore various themes such as philosophy, social issues, politics, spirituality and religion. RIOT! seeks to elevate voices that are typically pushed to the margins, and each day we will be featuring the work of different artists.

To view this past exhibition, click hyperlink for each artists’ names below!

Week 1 featured Jenny Fraser, Darcie Curnow, Pratika, Talegaonkar, Larra Juab, Ruby Ellam, and Caitlin Chan.

Week 2 featured Nicholas Tsekouras, Danielle Divola, Bryan Mew, Alysia Crampton, Tessay-May Jiawei Chung, and Kelly Yoon.

Week 3 featured Richard McMahon, Rhys Cousins, Thandiwe, and Juan David Rodriguez Sandoval

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