GOING SOLO: Workshop 3 with Mohamed Chamas

Mohamed Chamas is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, game developer and poet based in Naarm (Melbourne)

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Finding the Right Medium

with Mohamed Chamas

Mohamed believes it’s crucial for new artists to be able to find a medium that enables them to express their ideas and messages across to their full potential. Mohamed teaches us how to find that medium, and as a result, how to be more confident in your body of work when you approach a space for your first exhibition.

Get to know Mohamed Chamas:

Mohamed’s practice aligns the synergies between Islamic mysticism and the contemporary-technological. The ‘dijital djinni’ research probe is outlined, which fuses the unseen and partly-spatial elements of both the djinn and the digital. Chamas draws on ancestral, psycho-spiritual, and socio-political channels to re-territorialize cyberspace – through ‘artgames’ and Virtual Reality (VR) – for the unsurveilled healing of orientalised bodies.

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