GOING SOLO: Workshop 2 with Lara Chamas

Lara Chamas is a second-generation Lebanese, Australian artist, based in Birraranga (Melbourne).

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Navigating Art School & Galleries as a POC

with Lara Chamas

Lara talks us through her experiences in art school and galleries as a person of colour (POC). What’s it like not having any POC mentors or lecturers? What’s it like when colleagues bite their tongue because you’re a POC artist? Drawing on personal experience, Lara explains the unique challenges of POC artists and how she has navigated them.

Get to know Lara Chamas:

Lara is currently completing her Master’s by research in Fine Art at Monash University. Through the use of narrative and experience documentation, storytelling, transgenerational trauma and memory, myth and tacit knowledge; her research intends to explore links and meeting points between narrative theory, cultural practice, current political and societal tensions, and the body as a political vessel.

Her practice investigates subtopics of postcolonial and migrant narratives, specifically within the context of her cultural identity, using both humorous and poetic notions.

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