GOING SOLO: Workshop 1 with Sha Sarwari

Sha Sarwari is a multidisciplinary visual artist born in Afghanistan and living in Australia since the year 2000.

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Why do you want to be an artist?

with Sha Sarwari

In this session, Sha delves into the important deeper questions – Why choose to be an artist? What are the responsibilities and the processes behind it? The decision to pursue a career in the arts can be complicated and confusing. Join us to hear Sha’s lessons from several years of experience in the arts.

Get to know Sha Sarwari:

His work is a percolation of material investigation and form. Within his work, he embeds multiple layers with the intent to create a visually poetic encounter. 

His work speaks of a place that exists between two worlds, longing and belonging, with a pointed reference to the political discourse around migration, identity, place, memory, nationhood and personal lived experience.

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