Flora: Online Exhibition | 30 October – Nicholas Tsekouras

Artist Statement

Nicholas Tsekouras is an emerging visual artist born and raised in Melbourne, studying to complete a double degree in a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) and Laws at Australian Catholic University.

Tsekouras is very fond of colour, self-expression and provoking audiences through his work. His works are very stylistic, often containing vivid expressions of the human condition and social issues.

Previous collections have included his ‘Eyes’ series and his most recent series of paper collages which have now formed my ‘no words’ collection. His works typically use a range of inks, markers, fine-liner, acrylic and watercolour and are often all used in the same piece. He typically produces works on watercolour paper but isn’t afraid to explore new surfaces. Nicholas also loves exploring new techniques and experimenting with unconventional uses of mediums.

Artwork: Reconnect

Size: (33 cm x 16 cm) x 4

Artwork statement: This piece is an artwork from my Eyes collection. All the pieces in the collection demonstrate the overwhelming emotions we can all experience and aims to implore the audience to seek out these emotions and to avoid bottling them up. This piece in particular was following the emotional journey of the first Melbourne lockdown in 2020 as well as some other personal experiences I was having at the time. I had gone through a very difficult month and was experiencing some very strong unsettling emotions. Upon my road of recovery, I found the only thing that actually helped was when I ventured outside into nature. This process of going outside, something which I had been limited to and scared to do and the subsequent process of reconnecting with Indigenous land was exactly what I needed. Humans are apart of nature and it is a fact that we have a strong connection to the land. In this piece, I wanted to not only convey this strong connection which we have to the Indigenous land and flora, but also convey the calm nature and emotions that can come from experiencing it first hand in order to arouse hope.

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