Mo Chamas – Overlay – June 2017

Computer-centric art, post photographic processes and contorted, crude or ‘glitched’ traditional practice of organic subjects (bodies) creates a union that embraces the digital as a part of human ontology. OVERLAY is an attempt to dissolve dichotomies where there should be none. By saturating and aestheticizing machine-based processes, it highlights process and digital practice as something attached to the work, and in turn fused to the artist. Matters of the dysmorphic, the transcendent and the beautiful are subtly included to speak to visions and hopes that lay outside of the seen and corporeal world. The benefit of viewing the unseen world as something we can retrieve through tech-enhanced creation helps to assimilate technicity into our person as so to exalt ourselves, rather than abject it and remain physically anchored.

The trickster and their magic-machine are the key to toppling the dominant structures within society. OVERLAY hopes to reveal this hidden potential of the artist. The ability to create, subvert and agitate is an act of reverence to revolting in the face of order. The worldly, chartered and traditional should be left behind, so the viewer may experience an overlay of the optical & physical world.