Flora: Online Exhibition

Flora by definition refers to the plants of a particular region, habitat or geographics period and is derived from the latin word for flower. Nature is and always has been selfless, cycle after cycle, providing for us. Seasons of birth, life and death, transformation and growth, seasons swinging the weight of our world. 

Beautiful, delicate, resilient ecosystems sustain our community spirit and support our interconnected lives. How have we found ourselves collectively on this Indigenous land and amongst its native flora, can we use flora as inspiration to learn Indigenous knowledge and resolve our collective gap? 

Flowers can provide the smallest yet most powerful glimpses of hope, joy and colour. Flora is an exploration and celebration of the natural environment that surrounds us. Flora asks artists to rejoice in native flora and environment whilst exploring themes of belonging, acknowledgment, home, culture, passage and identity. Nature and flora are encouraged to be both inspiration and medium.

EXHIBITION DATES: October 23 – November 13 2020

Showcasing the work of 14 different artists. Each day we will be featuring the work of a different artist

This virtual exhibition will be delivered via Instagram, and be updated here after each day’s featuring.


28 October: features Lazarus Acres’ artworks


30 October: features Nicholas Tsekouras’ artworks


3 November: features Sharon Peoples’ artworks


5 November: features Belle Formica’s artworks

7 November: features Larra Juab’s artworks

11 November: features Rafah Malaeb’s artworks

29 October: features Stephanie Lee’s artworks


31 October: features Strahan Cormican-Jones’ artworks


4 November: features Stefanie Ferguson’s artworks

6 November: features Shane Vandort’s artworks

10 November: features Nikayla Amaitu’s artworks

12 November: features Damien Veal’s artworks

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