WOT X CAS artist-in-residence interview: Izaak Lubin

By Connection Arts Space Izaak Lubin was the second person who took part in Connection Arts Space’s joint residency program with the Way Over There Collective. Izaak is not your traditional artist, in fact, he barely identifies as one. In conversation with Connection Arts Space, he talks about identity, his budding practice, and how the […]

WOT X CAS artist-in-residence interview: Nimisha Nimkar

By Ash Panjwani Melbourne-based ceramicist, Nimisha Nimkar, is the second participant in our joint artist-in-residence program with the Way Over There Collective (WOT). Inspired by the palaces, geometries and patterns of India, she created three distinct bodies of work during her residency: Bodhi, Layers and Tilaka. The works delicately explore the connection between humans, spirituality, […]

WOT x CAS Artist in Residence interview: Jessica Tanto

By Ash Panjwani Jessica Tanto is a visual artist and researcher based in both Jakarta and Naarm, who took part in a joint artist-in-residence program with Connection Arts Space (CAS) and the Way Over There Collective (WOT). During her residency, Jessica explored different habits and isms surrounding sleep, through her project Sleepy Scent. Jessica’s medium […]

Nicholas Tsekouras goes their own way

Unorthodox in the truest sense, the queer, multi-disciplinary artist doesn’t need you to understand them. By Rachael Evans Nicholas Tsekouras refuses to ascribe to the notion of forging a career out of a singular pursuit. This becomes discernible early on in our conversation, although even before our interview, a quick skim of their LinkedIn profile […]

Meet the CAS Board

Early this year we formed our first ever governing board! The eight members of the new CAS board will provide leadership for our next strategic plan and contribute to our mission of making the arts accessible, relevant and sustainable. As you will see in their introductions, our board members come to CAS with an incredibly diverse range of interests, skills and professional experience. Read more about them and what they’re looking forward to in 2021.