How to Make Your Own Scrunchie at Home

A few weeks ago, artist Ciara Lynch led one of our Crafternoon Workshops and taught us how to make a hair scrunchie at home. Scrunchies are a great way to brighten up your outfit, prepare to effortlessly throw your hair up out of your face and look FAB!

If you missed her workshop, here are Ciara’s instructions on how to make your own scrunchie.

Header photo by We Are Glo on Unsplash.


  • Hat elastic
  • Fabric (min 20cm x 60cm)
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Needle
  • Thread that matches your fabric
  • Safety pin


Step One:

Cut your piece of fabric. It will need to be at least 20cm x 60cm, but you can add length or width to make the scrunchie bigger and fuller.

Step Two:

Cut your piece of hat elastic about the length of a hair tie (add enough length so you can tie the elastic in later steps and not compromise the stretch your hair tie will have)

Step Three:

Thread your needle, and tie a nice thick knot at the end

Tip: I like to do a couple knots on top of each other so it won’t pull through.

I also like to double my thread, and sew with two pieces at once, so it is a little bit stronger (I do this with most of the hand sewing I do, as the thread easily snaps)

Have your thread no longer than 70cms. Once you run out, we can tie off the ends and cut a new piece, so don’t stress if it isn’t long enough.

Step Four:

Sew your fabric. 

Turn the fabric so the Right Side (side with the print) is facing you. 

Fold it in half to have the long edges line up. The side of the fabric you can see should be the Wrong Side (the side without the print) and the Right Side (side with the print) should be on the inside. Sew along this edge

Like it is an inside out sock, turn the fabric so the seam is on the inside, and the Right Side (fabric with the print) is on the outside

Step Five:

Insert the elastic and tie your ends together. Wiggle your elastic through, holding both ends, and letting the fabric scrunch up as the two ends meet in a circle. Tie these ends together in a granny knot (twice over, and pull super tight. You don’t want this knot to come undone)

Tip: If your scrunchie width is very thin, and you are struggling to get the elastic through to the other side, attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic. Use the safety pin to navigate the end of the elastic through. Make sure you hold both the loose ends!

Step Six:

Sew your two raw edges together. Before doing this, I like to fold the raw edge of the fabric back inside the casing of the scrunchie, so when you are sewing these sections together, you can see a folded edge and not a frayed edge. 

Sew the whole way around.

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