Artist Interview – Celeste Sinclair

Could you please provide a little background information on yourself and your artistic practice?
I am a self-taught artist originally from Canberra. I moved around a lot but now call Melbourne home. I’m a sole parent and carer to my 3 sons who are all on the autism spectrum. I don’t get a lot of time to myself so I usually paint at night when they’re asleep. I put some music on and let the creativity flow. It’s my soul time!
I’ve developed my skills through experimentation with materials and techniques and a lot of trial and error! I’ve always loved to draw and paint. As a young child I discovered that expressing myself in a creative way gave me an avenue to process and work through my chaotic childhood.
I remember as a kid I was given some lead pencils by a well-meaning social worker and told to draw my feelings. Being very literal I couldn’t understand what emotion would look like on paper! Instead, I started exploring my creativity by drawing things around me; animals, trees etc. Being a very visual person, I liked the challenge of trying to replicate details.
In my early 20’s I started drawing portraits from photographs. I loved the challenge but by this point,I was aching to express myself in a less restrictive way.
I painted my first portrait of my eldest son in acrylic when he was 3. From that moment on I was hooked! Since then I’ve honed my practice and mostly paint in acrylic and watercolour. I’ve learnt that painting your emotions is an organic, evolving practice. I love colour and the liberating way the paint flows and takes on its own form. I’ve learnt to let go and really immerse myself in my practice. I never really know how each piece will turn out or the direction it will take, that’s the exciting part!
What have you decided to exhibit at CAS?
I love that CAS is non-for-profit and is run by volunteers. You can really tell they care about fostering creative expression and supporting both established and aspiring artists. CAS don’t take a profit from any sold works which tells me their focus is on connection and the importance of art as a means of expression and communication.
What is the process involved in your artistic practice?
Usually,a thought will pop into my head and I’ll have the insatiable need to paint! It’s a wonderful feeling. I’ll see something inspiring like a beautiful sunset and my imagination will explode with images. It doesn’t stop until I’ve let those images and feelings flow through the brush and onto the canvas, or paper, or wood… or whatever I can get my hands on! I usually complete each piece in one sitting (if the kids let me!) because once I start it’s very hard to stop!
Why do you create?
I create because it’s as important as breathing to me. Creating grounds me and gives me time for just me, to reflect, express and breathe.
What do you aim to say with your art – if anything?

Most of my work centres around my life experiences so far. Life has been chaotic, frightening yet beautifully unpredictable. I’ve lived through a lot in a short amount of time.

My work explores the fragility and breathtaking beauty of life. The loneliness and perpetual searching for a kindred soul, the yearning to feel understood, the overwhelming love of motherhood and breathtaking beauty of this existence.
Don’t forget to come to our exhibition opening tonight 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM to see all the wonderful works by Celeste Sinclair!

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